I went out for dinner with my co-work

Hi I am Kazuhiro!

Last night, I went out for dinner with my co-work. This time, we chose a restaurant called "Sekai no Yamachan" which serves Nagoya's famous "Tebasaki-Karaage".

Do you know what "Tebasaki-Karaage" are? It is a Japanese food of deep-fried chicken wings. It is said that the food was first invented around 1980 at a restaurant in Nagoya, using "Nagoya Cochin," one of Japan's three most famous chickens. Chicken wings are fried, coated with sauce, and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and white sesame seeds.
It is characterized by its crispy texture and spicy flavor, and many Japanese eat them with a cold beer.

When you visit Japan, you should definitely try enjoying fried chicken wings at Sekai no Yamachan.

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