Family Travel to Fukui

Family Travel to Fukui

Hello! I'm Junya, a staff of Luxcras!

The other day, I took a family trip to Fukui Prefecture.
Fukui faces the Sea of Japan and has many beaches. It is a popular area for family trips because of its easy access from Osaka, where I live.

For sightseeing, Tojinbo, the Dinosaur Museum, Ashihara Onsen (hot spring), and the Five Lakes of Mikata are famous. For foods include my favorite Sake, Saba-zushi (mackerel sushi), Echizen Soba (buckwheat noodles), and Katsu-don (deep-fried pork cutlet on rice with source). If you ever come to Fukui , be sure to complete the list! I recommend them all!

Fukui is also a major producer of world-class eyeglasses. More than 90% of all glasses made in Japan are produced in Fukui, mainly in Sabae City. It is also famous for its traditional crafts, and there are seven traditional crafts. One of them, Wakasa lacquered chopsticks, is also available at Luxcras.

Wakasa Nuri Chopsticks

Lastly, I would like to introduce some memorable photos.
(1) Boatload of sashimi we ate at the guest house where we stayed.
(2) Wakasa Bay from the Rainbow Line mountain peak park
(3) View from the lift at the Rainbow Line mountain peak park

Please look forward to more articles on Japan in the future.
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