Staff News - Enjoy Autumn Camping in Siga Near from Osaka

Staff News - Enjoy Autumn Camping in Siga Near from Osaka


Hello! I'm Junya, a staff of Luxcras!

I went camping in Shiga Prefecture, famous for Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, and Hikone Castle! Recently, camping is booming in Japan. So, It is very difficult to make a reservation at any campground. This time I took a weekday off work and went. In Shiga Prefecture, there are many campgrounds around lakes and on highlands, and they are easily accessible from Osaka, so I often go there. This time I went to a campground on highlands.

In summer, we can enjoy lake bathing at a campsite by the lake, and camping on the highlands is cool and pleasant. Also, in winter, there are many ski resorts in the area because of the snowfall. Therefore, Shiga Prefecture is a great place for outdoor activities.
When you travel to Japan, please visit Shiga Prefecture too. You will be healed by much nature.

And Shiga Prefecture also has some traditional crafts.
Shigaraki Yaki, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan, is made mainly in Shigaraki, Koga City, Shiga Prefecture. The subdued colors of Shigaraki Yaki evoke a sense of "wabi-sabi". (Wabi-sabi are Japanese senses of beauty, which mean "Beauty within simplicity".)

Shigaraki Yaki is also sold at Luxcras, so please visit thier.

Shigaraki Yaki

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