Yamanashi Japan - World Heritage Site "Mt Fuji", Wine Regions

Yamanashi Japan - World Heritage Site "Mt Fuji", Wine Regions


Yamanashi, a land rich in nature where wine representing Japan is made



Yamanashi is a prefecture located in central Honshu. The population is about 800,000, and the Prefectural capital is Kofu City.

More than 80% of the prefecture's area is mountainous, surrounded by mountains with heights ranging from 2,000m to over 3,000m. In the south, you can see Mount Fuji, a World Heritage Site. It is also characterized by a climate with a temperature difference peculiar to a basin.


In Yamanashi, there are many activities that allow you to fully enjoy the rich nature, such as camping and mountain climbing. In addition, there is the popular amusement park "Fuji-Q Highland", which attracts tourists of all ages.


Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Yamanashi's traditional crafts are "Kosyu Inden" and "Koshu Suisho Kiseki zaiku".


Koshu Inden is a leather product made in Kofu City. Light and soft deerskin, the more you use it, the more lustrous it becomes. The pattern is applied to the leather with lacquer, so it is also characterized by its durability.


Koshu Suisho Kiseki zaiku is a crystal and precious stones carving made in Kofu city. The raw crystal stone is ground and polished to create a work with a sense of transparency. You can feel the skilled artisanship from the delicate carving.


Yamanashi's climate is suitable for growing fruit, so fruit cultivation is thriving. Among them, peaches and grapes are the largest production volume in Japan. Wine made from Yamanashi grapes is one of the representative specialties of Japan.


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