Yamanaka-Nuri - Lacquerware Made in the Yamanaka Onsen



Yamanaka-Nuri is a lacquer ware made in the Yamanaka Onsen district of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The simple design that makes use of the grain of wood feels the warmth of wood.



Yamanaka-Nuri is made by "Rokuro-Biki", which is carved while rotating the wood with a turning lathe. The base wood of Yamanaka-Nuri is called "Tategi-Dori", which is made by cutting raw wood into round slices and cutting out the wood parallel to the growth rings. Compared to sideways wood, the wood taken by this method is less likely to be distorted by drying and is characterized by its excellent strength.


In addition, the "Kasyoku-Biki" that decorates the surface of the wood with a plane is a pattern unique to Yamanaka-Nuri. This pattern requires a high degree of skill because the blade is applied to the rotating wood to scrape it. Artisans handcraft planes to create delicate patterns.


Today, there are products that use not only natural wood such as zelkova and horse chestnut, but also durable resin. Resin products are characterized by shapes and colors that cannot be made with wood.


How to use

Yamanaka-Nuri is mainly used as bowls. The soup, which is indispensable for Japanese food culture, is eaten by hand, so the texture of the bowl is also important. The Kasyoku-Biki pattern also has a non-slip surface, making the bowl comfortable to hold in the hand.

The warm Yamanaka-Nuri that makes the most of the grain of wood is a perfect item for daily use.


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