Yamagata Japan - Yamagata imono, Wakasa, Imoni, Rich in Nature


Yamagata that is surrounded by nature

About Yamagata

Yamagata is located in the mountains and famous for the hot springs. It has a population of 1.08 million people and the prefectural office is located in Yamagata City. The plains around Yamagata-shi generally have few rain and snow but there is much snow and there may be a heavy rain in many other areas in the summer.


Traditional crafts and specialties in Yamagata

Yamagata that was surrounded by nature such as Mogami rivir,sea of Japan and huge mountains,the people created their history and culture with them. I Am going to show you some of them.


・Yamagata imono

Yamagata imono is the casting that they started to make in the eleventh century. There are various products such as daily necessities like iron kettle or the vase.artworks and the accessories.
Tendoshogigoma is the piece of shogi that they started to make in the Edo Period. The dynamic letter that is written by lacquer and beauty of the grain of wood is characteristic.


Wakasa is the Japanese umbrella with the wood, the bamboo and the Japanese paple that they started to make in the Edo Period. The moderate heaviness,the feel of a material of bamboo and the tree, soft translucency of the Japanese paper and a fragrance of the oil are the charm.


Imoni is the traditional food of Yamagat,that is stewed village potato, beef, a leek and konjac with a pan. The Im "Imonikai" which is the event that they eat imoni is held in September every year.

Let’s feel the Japanese culture that was created in Yamagata with these things.

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