Tsugaru Vidro - Glasswork, Aomori's Traditional Craft

Tsugaru Vidro - Glasswork, Aomori's Traditional Craft

Tsugaru vidro shows four seasons and nature of Aomori

Tsugaru vidro is a glass crafts such as a glass, a plate and a vase made in the glass factory "Hokuyo glass" in Aomori.I introduce you the history and charms of Tsugaru vidro.


The floating ball is the beginning of Tsugaru vidro.

The beginning of Tsugaru vidro is "Ukidama (floating ball)" used by fishermen. Since the area was famous for fishery, they also had made the floating balls.


Accidentally the rich green color of the glass was made.

One day,when a craftsman of the factory was walking on the Shichirinagahama that was the famous beach in Aomori, the idea that to add sand to the glass came to his mind suddenly. So he added sand to the glass, it changed a color to the rich green. That was the beginning of creating variations of the colors.


Tsugaru vidro shows more than 100 colors.

In this days, they can make Tsugaru vidro by more than 100 colors. The name of colors was named from four seasons and nature of Aomori such as "Shichirinagahama" for the calm green, "Ruri (Lapis lazuli)" for the rich blue, "Haru no Sakura (spring cherry Blossom)" for the calm pink, "Fuyu no Yukigeshiki (Snow scene of the winter)" for the pure white.


Tsugaru vidro is popular with the guests from the foreign countries as well. Please think about the rich four seasons coloring


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