Tsugaru-Nuri - Lacquerware made in Hirosaki City, Aomori


Tsugaru-Nuri is a lacquerware made in the center of Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. The unique pattern created by applying multiple layers of lacquer and polishing it gives a feeling of delicate craftsmanship.



Tsugaru-Nuri is characterized by the technique of "togidashi kawarinuri", in which lacquer is applied repeatedly and then polished to create a pattern.

Here are four typical patterns.



Kara-Nuri is a basic technique and features a speckled pattern with multiple colors. Make a speckled pattern with black lacquer and apply colored lacquer on top of it. The pattern appears by polishing after drying.



After applying lacquer to the base, paste the rapeseed before it dries. When the rapeseed is removed after the lacquer has dried, an uneven ring-shaped pattern is created. By applying lacquer on it and polishing it, fine ring patterns will appear.



It is a modern texture with a glossy black pattern on a matte black background. Draw a three-dimensional pattern with black lacquer, and after it dries, apply lacquer to the entire surface. After applying the charcoal powder of rice husks and drying it, the pattern will appear by polishing.


・ Nishiki-Nuri

It is said to be the most difficult pattern with complicated patterns based on Nanako-Nuri. Nishiki-Nuri has a luxurious atmosphere and is one of the top-class patterns in Tsugaru-Nuri.



How to use

Tsugaru-Nuri has many items that are familiar to Japanese people, such as chopsticks and bowls. In addition, there are items that color your life, such as tea ware and flower vases.

Please try to find your favorite pattern of Tsugaru Nuri.


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