Toyama Japan - Traditional Crafts (Takaoka) and Seafood Area


Toyama, a land where you can feel the grandeur of nature



Toyama is a prefecture located on the Sea of ​​Japan side of central Honshu. The population is about 1.02 million, and the Prefectural capital is Toyama City.


In the southern part of Toyama, there is the Northern Alps range of mountains with an altitude of 3,000m. Winters are extremely cold, and Toyama is designated as a heavy snowfall area. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in the Northern Alps is one of the world's leading mountain sightseeing routes. This route covers a distance of 37.2km from Toyama to Nagano in various vehicles: Cable cars, ropeways and buses. Also, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route has Kurobe Dam, the highest in Japan.


Many climbers and tourists visit in search of magnificent nature.



Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Toyama's traditional crafts are "Takaoka Douki" and "Takaoka Shikki".


Takaoka Douki is copperware made around Takaoka City. The manufacturing method engraves and colors the metal molded by casting. Takaoka Douki has a wide variety of products, from small items such as flower vases and ornaments to large items such as bronze statues.


Takaoka Shikki is lacquerware made in Takaoka City.

It is characterized by gorgeous patterns drawn by pasting crushed seashells.


Toyama, which faces Toyama Bay, is rich in seafood such as yellowtail, firefly squid, and white shrimp. White shrimp are small, about 6 cm in length, and are known as the "Jewel of Toyama Bay" for their translucent pale pink appearance.


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