Tottori Japan - Famous for Kakinoha-zushi, Itadaki, Inshu Washi

Tottori Japan - Famous for Kakinoha-zushi, Itadaki, Inshu Washi

Tottori Sand Dune

A place where you can feel the vivid transition between spring, summer, fall, and winter


Tottori Prefecture is located in the northern part of the Chugoku Region, facing the Sea of Japan with Tottori City as the prefectural capital. The climate is relatively mild with lots of sunshine and the changing the seasons are particularly beautiful.


One of Tottori Prefecture's most famous tourist attractions are the Tottori Sand Dunes, which are Japan's largest coastal sand dunes and measure 16 km east to west.  The wind ripples, which vary over time with the changing seasons and weather, are as beautiful as a work of art, and each time you visit, you can discover something new.

Mt. Daisen is the highest mountain in the Chugoku region, and attracts climbers throughout the year. There are many nearby museums, parks and cycling paths where visitors can enjoy various leisure activities whilst taking in the spectacular mountain views.



Kakinoha-zushi is sushi wrapped with vinegared rice and salted trout in an antiseptic persimmon leaf. It is brightly colored and was popular as a hospitality dish for festivals and so on.



Itadaki is a large piece of deep-fried tofu stuffed with raw rice and root vegetables then cooked in a dashi broth. It tastes similar to inari sushi and each household’s unique recipe is rumored to have been passed down through the generations from parent to child, then circulated throughout the local area.


Inshu Washi

Inshu Washi is handmade Japanese paper produced in the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture. Its smooth and supple texture makes it suitable for calligraphy and ink painting.

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