Tokushima Japan - Awaodori, a Traditional Dance Festival

Tokushima Japan - Awaodori, a Traditional Dance Festival

Naruto Ohasi

Tokushima, a land rich in nature where you can feel traditional Japanese culture



Tokushima is a prefecture located in the eastern part of the Shikoku region. The population is about 700,000, and the Prefectural capital is Tokushima City.

The northern part of the prefecture has a mild climate throughout the year, and the southern part of the prefecture is one of the areas with the highest rainfall in Japan. In addition, more than 80% of the prefecture's area is mountainous, with many mountains exceeding 1,000m.


Every year from August 12th to August 15th, "Awa Odori" is held in Tokushima City and is a representative festival of Tokushima that has continued since the Edo period (1600-1868). A group of dancers dances through the streets to the accompaniment of shamisen, drums, and flutes. It is characterized by a light rhythm in 2 beats.

The Awa Odori in Tokushima City attracts more than one million visitors each year.



Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Tokushima's traditional crafts are Otani-Yaki" and "Awa-Washi".


Otani-Yaki are ceramics made in Naruto City. It uses soil that contains a lot of iron and has an elegant luster. Small items such as tea bowls and large items such as pots are available.


Awa Washi is Japanese paper made in Yoshinogawa City. With a history of more than 1000 years, you can feel the unique texture of handmade paper. It is characterized by its durability, which is resistant to water.


Tokushima, where the eastern part of the prefecture faces the sea, is rich in seafood such as sea eel, squid, and sea bream. Sea eel, which is in season in summer, is a specialty product that is often shipped to Kyoto and Osaka.


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