Tochigi Japan - Tochiotome etc Strawberry Production Area

Tochigi Japan - Tochiotome etc Strawberry Production Area


Enjoy delicious gourmet food and the rich colors of the four seasons.


Tochigi Prefecture is located in the Kanto region, almost in the center of Japan. It has the largest area in the Kanto region. It is home to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a World Heritage Site representing Japan, which attracts many tourists throughout the year.


Tochigi Prefecture also has a good balance of flat and mountainous terrain with a rich natural environment. The large differences in temperature throughout the year mean that the four seasons are well accentuated and distinct from one another.

In Tochigi, you can enjoy the best of both city and nature. The prefectural capital is Utsunomiya city, about 50 minutes on the bullet train from Tokyo.


Typical specialities of Tochigi Prefecture;



Thanks to Tochigi's climate, delicious strawberries can be produced in greenhouses. Tochigi has been Japan's number one strawberry growing region for more than 50 years and produces many different brands of strawberries, including the big, sweet Tochiotome.


Utsunomiya gyoza

There are many gyoza-specialist restaurants in Utsunomiya. The size of the gyozas, the ingredients used in the fillings, the wrapping methods, the thickness of gyoza skins, and the flavour of the dipping sauces varies from shop to shop.


Mashiko-yaki (ware)

Mashiko-yaki is a ceramic ware produced in the Mashiko area. It is made from pure ceramic clay, which results in a thicker pottery.


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