Takaoka Douki - Metalwork Made in Takaoka City

Takaoka Douki - Metalwork Made in Takaoka City

What is the Takaoka Douki?

In Japan, you may hear the bell which is in the temples ringing on  the New Year day.Do you know what the bell is made of? Most of them is made from cupper utensil called” Takaoka Douki”.I am going to tell you introduce what is the Takaoka Douki and where you can see them.


1.What is the Takaoka Douki?

The Takaoka Douki is made in Takaoka-shi, Toyama since 400 years ago.When people make them,they make mold and put material such as copper,metal,aluminum bronze, tin, iron, gold, or silver.Afer it becomes hard,they carve metal and paint with a color.


2.Where you can see the Takaoka Douki.

You can easily find Takaoka Douk is in the town.For example,you may find the statues of the popular characters such as "GeGeGe no Kitaro" "Sazae-san" "Doraemon"

made of Takaoka Douki in town.You can see the technique of the Takaoka Douki in the large lantern of Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa as well.


3.The Takaoka Douki at home.

There are not only big staffs but also small staffs as a vase or tablewares that made of the Takaoka Douki.Recently, the tableware which you can bend,stretch and change forms as you like, attracts attention.


Please see and touch the Takaoka Douki and feel the beautiful taste and shape like eautiful curve.


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