Shizuoka Japan - Mt Fuji, Izu, and Atami, Tourist Destinations


A place with an abundance of attractive tourist destinations


Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the Chubu region, roughly in the center of Japan. The prefectural capital is Shizuoka City, which is also a government-designated city. Overall, the climate is mild, with high summer temperatures eased by pleasant sea breezes. In winter, there are many sunny days and very little snowfall.


Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, and its dynamic and majestic appearance continues to attract visitors. The Izu Peninsula, with its beautiful natural scenery and hot springs, is another popular area where visitors can enjoy delicious seafood and marine leisure activities. In addition, there are many popular destinations such as Atami hot springs, Toro ruins, and the World Heritage Site of the Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace, which attract tourists throughout the year.


Suruga Bamboo sen-suji-zaiku (ware)

Suruga-take sen-suji-zaiku is a distinctive bamboo craft that originated in Shizuoka City. Round bamboos less than 1mm wide are delicately curved into shape by skilled craftsmen.



Kuro-hanpen is made by grinding sardines with their bones. It has a firm texture and a rich sardine taste. It is recommended to be quickly broiled then served with ginger and soy sauce.


Tororo-jiru (soup)

Tororo jiru is a dish of grated yam mixed with soup stock and miso paste, served over barley rice. It is often eaten in the fall and winter when yams are harvested. In some areas, it is eaten on the second day of the New Year to pray for good health throughout the year.


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