Shimane Japan - One of the 12 Castle Towers "Matsue Castle", World Heritage "Iwami Ginzan"

Shimane Japan - One of the 12 Castle Towers "Matsue Castle", World Heritage "Iwami Ginzan"

Matsue Castle

A place of history and myth, blessed with an ingredient-rich land and sea


Shimane Prefecture is located in the northern part of the Chugoku Region and the prefectural capital is Matsue City. The prefecture is characterized by its long stretch from east to west, with its coastline spanning over 1,000km facing the Sea of Japan, being perfect for driving. The natural beauty of the sea and mountains is also highly attractive for tourists.


It is home to Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine (a World Heritage site), Matsue Castle (one of the 12 remaining castle towers in Japan), and Izumo Taisha Shrine (which is dedicated to Okuninushi no Mikoto, the god of marriage). There are also many hot spring resorts, including Tamatsukuri Onsen, which has long been known as a hot spring that helps achieve beautiful skin.

Izumo soba

Izumo soba is one of the three most famous soba noodles in Japan, and is darker in color than most other soba. One of the characteristics of Izumo soba is the small percentage of wheat flour used in the binding process.


Kaku-zushi and Hako-zushi

Both Kaku-zushi and Hako-zushi are a type of pressed sushi.

Kaku-zushi uses a small wooden frame (5 cm square), which are sometimes shaped like a flower. Hako-zushi uses a large wooden frame, and the finished sushi is cut into pieces then eaten.


Sekishu Washi (Japanese paper)

This Japanese paper is made in the western part of Shimane Prefecture and has a history of over 1,300 years. It has a smooth and shiny surface and is suitable for use as calligraphy paper.


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