Lake Biwa

Shiga Japan - Lake Biwa and Traditional Craft Shigarakiyaki

Lake Biwa

Shiga, a land with abundant nature and water resources



Shiga is a prefecture located in the midwestern part of Honshu. The population is about 1.41 million, and the Prefectural capital is Otsu City.


In the central part of Shiga, there is Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. The area of ​​the lake is about 670 square kilometers, which is one-sixth of the area of ​​Shiga. Lake Biwa is one of the oldest lakes in the world. A small lake that was formed about 4 million years ago gradually expanded due to land subsidence and other factors, and has continued to this day.


Lake Biwa is popular for lake sports such as yachting and canoeing.


Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Shiga's traditional crafts are "Shigaraki ware" and "Japanese candles".


Shigaraki ware are ceramics made around Koka city. Characterized by its rustic and warm reddish-brown color, it has tableware, flower vases, and ornaments.


Japanese candles are made in Takashima City. As raw materials, only plants such as wax tree nuts and rice bran are used, and it is characterized by being environmentally friendly.


Omi Gyu, which is raised in a rich natural environment, is one of the three highest quality Japanese beef brands. Omi Gyu steak and Sukiyaki are specialties of Shiga.


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