Senshu Towel - Made in Osaka Quanzhou Area Since 1887

Senshu Towel - Made in Osaka Quanzhou Area Since 1887

The three reasons to recommend the Senshu towel

The Senshu towel is very soft and it has an elegant feeling.The Senshu towel has been made in Osaka Quanzhou area since 1887.I am going to tell you the three reasons why I recommend you to use the Senshu towel.

1.There are no impurities.
The Senshu towel is made by ”sarasi” method.It is to remove oil and impurities neatly from a towel.The towel would be safe material by this method.

2.The soft feeling.
They use the thread with paste and the low generally when they make a towel.However
they remove paste and low by sarashi the towel would be very soft and comfortable.

3,Absorb water well.
Another advantage of sarashi is making a towel to absorb water very well.When you put a towel on the body,water would disappear immediately.Therefore the person with sensitive skin or the baby can use it.

I recommended sending the senshu towel as a gift since you could feel comfortable and rich by using it.Let's spend comfortable days with Senshu towel


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