Osaka Naniwa Tinware - Metallic Craft,Rust-Resistant

Osaka Naniwa Tinware - Metallic Craft,Rust-Resistant

Tin, which was a valuable commodity along with gold and silver,
It has been used only by a very small privileged class as a vessel in the imperial court, a sacred sake tokkuri at a powerful shrine, and a Buddhist altar fittings such as Sakaki.
After that, as it spread widely to the general public,
The shape of sake and tea utensils has settled down to the current form that emphasizes ease of use while maintaining beauty.

The origin of tinware making in Osaka began in 1679.
It was produced in Shinsaibashi, Tenjinbashi, and Tennoji, and eventually expanded from the production area to the industry.

Many tinware manufacturers in Osaka gathered and established a position as a special product,
It is said that more than 300 craftsmen in all of Osaka wielded their skills as if they were competing with each other.

With the outbreak of World War II, craftsmen were summoned one after another,
Wartime control made it difficult to obtain materials, and it suffered a great blow.
Nevertheless, in March 1983, as a result of deliberations on the traditions, techniques, and techniques of tinware,
It was designated and approved as a traditional craft "Osaka Naniwa tinware" by the then Minister of International Trade and Industry (now the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry).

We continue to create products that inherit the superior technology and wisdom of our predecessors without forgetting our daily efforts.


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