Osaka Castle

Osaka Japan - Many Stourist Spot, Osaka Castle, Tsutenkaku

Osaka Castle

Osaka, a lively land with many historical buildings and rich food



Osaka is a prefecture located in the mid-western part of Honshu. The population is about 8.79 million, and the Prefectural capital is Osaka City. Osaka is surrounded by mountains on three sides. As a result, the monsoon is blocked, and the climate is relatively warm with little rainfall.


Osaka Castle, the symbol of Osaka, is located in the center of Osaka City. From the observatory of the castle tower, you can overlook the city of Osaka. In addition, there are various sightseeing spots such as the observation tower Tsutenkaku, the theme park USJ, and the aquarium, and 140 million tourists visit every year.


Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Osaka's traditional crafts are "Senshu towel" and "Sakai forged blades".


Senshu towels are made in the Senshu area in the southwest of Osaka. It absorbs water well with a manufacturing method that maximizes the absorbency that is the characteristic of cotton. It also features a very soft touch. Senshu is also the birthplace of Japan's towel industry, with a history of about 130 years.


Sakai forged blades are knives made in Osaka and Sakai City. It is characterized by the sharpness of the cutting edge, which is perfected by the excellent technique of artisans.


Osaka has so many gourmet foods that it is called "the city of Kuidaore". (Kuidaore means spending extravagantly on food and drink and losing money.) Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, and Kushikatsu are famous specialties of Osaka.


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