Nambu Tekki - Ironware with 1000 Years of History from Iwate

Nambu Tekki - Ironware with 1000 Years of History from Iwate


What is the charm of the NAMBU TEKKI?

 The NAMBU TEKKI  is a plate or a frying pan made by melting iron at a high temperature and spread it in the mold.You would be surprised when you held it on your hand because it is very heavy.The NAMBU TEKKI is loved by many Japanese people for nearly 1,000years.Therefore what is the charm of the NAMBU TEKKI ?

 Three charms of the NAMBU TEKKI

1.You can use it for a long time.

 The NAMBU TEKKI is not broken easily unlike glassware or earthenware.You would better to use hot water and dry cloth instead of a detergent and a scrubbing brush when you wash the NAMBU TEKKI.You can use it for a very long time If you care it in this way.

2.You can be a great chef.

You can cook vegetables or meat very well because the NAMBU TEKKI keep warmth well.Furthermore, you may feel water to be soft when you boil water with the NAMBU TEKKI.

3.The NAMBU TEKKI has a quaint taste.

 The NAMBU TEKKI has a very quaint taste

and the more you use it the more it attracts you.There are not only traditional designs but also modern designs these days.

 The NAMBU TEKKI is famous for a kitchen utensils and tablewares. However, the wind-bell called "the NAMBU wind-bell" is also popular.Please feel Japanese traditional culture by using the NAMBU TEKKI.

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