Miyazaki Japan - Many shrines with a Sense of Japanese history

Miyazaki Japan - Many shrines with a Sense of Japanese history

miyazaki takachiho

Miyazaki, a land with a temperate climate and sites related to Japanese mythology


Miyazaki is a prefecture located in the southeastern part of Kyushu. The population is about 1.05 million, and the Prefectural capital is Miyazaki City. 70% of the prefecture is mountainous. The east coast stretches for 400 km and is blessed with a warm climate throughout the year due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current of the Pacific Ocean.

Takachiho Gorge, a tourist attraction in Miyazaki, is a gorge created by pyroclastic flow erupted by the volcanic activity of Mt. Aso. There are many shrines related to Japanese mythology in the surrounding area, and many tourists visit.

Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Miyazaki's traditional crafts are "Miyakonojo Daikyu" and "Miyazaki Handmade Washi ".

Miyakonojo Daikyu is a bamboo crafted bow made in and around Miyakonojo City. It has a length of over 2m and can shoot arrows far. It combines practicality and aesthetics.

Miyazaki Handmade Washi is Japanese paper made around Hyuga city. Miyazaki is rich in papermaking raw materials, and has been made since the Edo period (1603-1868). It is characterized by being strong and durable.

Miyazaki has a warm climate, and agriculture is prosperous and many crops are cultivated. Cucumbers are the largest producer in Japan, and many vegetables such as green peppers, zucchini, and bitter melons are also grown. Mangoes, which are famous as the Miyazaki brand, are also a local speciality.

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