Miyagi Japan - Blessed With a Scenic Area, Famous for Its Rice

Blessed with a scenic land, Miyagi Prefecture is the heart of the Tohoku region.


Miyagi prefecture is located in the Tohoku region. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Ou Mountains to the west, it has a rich natural environment.

The average temperature in August is around 25℃. Some years have cool summers due to the influence of the 'Yamase' winds, which blow in from the Pacific Ocean side. Snowfall is relatively low, except along the Ou Mountains.


The capital of the prefecture is Sendai. The city has a history of developing as the central city of the Tohoku region since the time of Masamune Date. It remains the economic, industrial, financial and political center of the country and is the only government-designated city in the Tohoku region.


Typical specialities of Miyagi Prefecture;


Harako Meshi

Miyagi Prefecture has one of the highest catches of salmon in Japan. Harako-meshi is a bowl of rice topped with salted salmon and roe, that tastes as good as it looks. The best time to eat salmon is from September to November, when the salmon run upstream.


Branded Rice

Sasanishiki and Hitomebore are particularly famous. There are also uniquely named rice varieties such as 'Tsuyahime' and 'Datemasayume'.


・Ogatsu Suzuri (inkstone)

Ogatsu Suzuri are made from Ogatsu stones from Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture, and are used as tools for calligraphy. Even today, craftsmen still make them individually by hand.


・Miyagi Dento Kokeshi (Miyagi traditional kokeshi dolls)

Miyagi Dento Kokeshi originated in the hot spring areas of the Tohoku region at the end of the Edo period. Since then, the unique shapes and patterns have een handed down through the generations and are widely popular.


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