Kumamoto Japan - Magnificent Nature Volcanic Active Mt.Aso

Kumamoto Japan - Magnificent Nature Volcanic Active Mt.Aso

Kumamoto, a land where you can feel the majestic nature of an active volcano



Kumamoto is a prefecture located in the central part of Kyushu. The population is about 680,000, and the Prefectural capital is Kumamoto City. Aso City has the second largest caldera in Japan, and you can feel the magnificent nature of the active volcano. It is also characterized by a relatively warm and comfortable climate throughout the year.


Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto City has a history of 400 years. In 2016, it was damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake, and restoration work is still underway. However, since you can see the castle tower from the square, it is a tourist attraction that many tourists visit.



Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Kumamotoi's traditional crafts are "Shodai-Yaki" and "Amakusa ceramics".


Shodai-Yaki is a ceramic produced mainly in northern Kumamoto. It is characterized by its dark brown rustic texture. It is durable and long-lasting, so it is suitable for everyday use such as tableware.


Amakusa ceramics are made in the Amakusa region. The Amakusa region is also a production area for high-quality raw materials that are indispensable for ceramics. It is characterized by the beauty of white transparency.


Kumamoto has a warm climate, and agriculture is prosperous and many crops are cultivated.Tomatoes and watermelons boast the highest production volume in Japan.

Fruits such as mandarin oranges and strawberries are also local specialties.


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