Kochi Japan - Traditional Crafts "Tosa Washi" and "Tosa Uchihamono"

Kochi Japan - Traditional Crafts "Tosa Washi" and "Tosa Uchihamono"

Kochi, a place where you can feel the majestic nature where the historical greats of Japan were born



Kochi is a prefecture located in the southwestern part of Shikoku. The population is about 680,000, and the Prefectural capital is Kochi City. More than 80% of the prefecture is covered with forests and is blessed with a rich natural environment. In addition, the southern part faces the Pacific Ocean and receives a lot of precipitation due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current.


You can enjoy activities such as canoeing and rafting on the Shimanto River, one of Japan's clearest streams. Kochi City is also famous as the birthplace of the historical great Ryoma Sakamoto. There are spots related to him, such as his bronze statue and memorial hall, and many tourists visit.



Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Kochi's traditional crafts are "Tosa Washi" and "Tosa Uchihamono".


Tosa Washi is Japanese paper made in Tosa City. The thickness is 0.03mm, which is thinner than other Japanese papers. This Japanese paper is thin but strong, and is used for a wide range of purposes, such as fusuma and wrapping paper.


Tosa Uchihamono  is a cutlery metalwork made in Kami City and around Nankoku City. It is characterized by the technique of "free casting" where there is no fixed mold and the artisan freely creates the shape.


Kochi has a warm climate, and agriculture is prosperous, and many crops are cultivated.

Ginger, Chinese chives, and eggplant are the largest producers in Japan. Other local specialties are citrus fruits such as yuzu and pomelo.


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