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Kanagawa, a land where you can feel the atmosphere of both the city and nature



Kanagawa is a prefecture located on the Pacific Ocean side of southeastern Honshu. The population is about 9.23 million and the Prefectural capital is located in Yokohama City. There are mountains in the northwestern part of Kanagawa, and the southern part faces the sea. Due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current in the Pacific Ocean, it is a warm and rainy region.


Yokohama, which is close to Tokyo, has Japan's largest Chinatown. In addition, there are many tourist attractions such as the red brick warehouse of the historic building and the aquarium, which are visited by many tourists.


Shonan in the southern part of Kanagawa is a beach area that represents Japan. In addition, there are many attractions in Kanagawa, such as Kamakura, which has a lot of historical heritage, and Hakone Onsen, one of Japan's leading hot spring areas.


Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Kanagawa's traditional crafts are "Kamakura-bori" and "Hakone Yosegi-zaiku".


Kamakura-bori is a lacquer ware made in Kamakura City. It features a delicate flower pattern carved on the wood. Items such as plates and trays are available.


Hakone Yosegi-zaiku is a woodwork product made in the Hakone region. "Yosegi-zaiku" is literally "wooden mosaic craft", a technique to create patterns by combining wood of various materials. It features a geometric pattern peculiar to Hakone Yosegi-zaiku.


Kanagawa, which faces Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay, is rich in seafood such as shirasu (whitebate), tuna, and horse mackerel. "Shirasu-don", which is a bowl of raw shirasu, is a specialty.


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