Kagoshima Japan - World Natural Heritage Yakushima is Located

Kagoshima Japan - World Natural Heritage Yakushima is Located

kagoshima sakurajima

Kagoshima, a land where you can feel the rich, untouched nature


Kagoshima is a prefecture located in the southern part of Kyushu. The population is about 1.57 million, and the Prefectural capital is Kagoshima City. It is characterized by a warm climate throughout the year and abundant rainfall. Sakurajima, an active volcano in Kagoshima Bay, is called the symbol of Kagoshima.

Kagoshima has many remote islands such as Yakushima and Amami Oshima, and untouched nature remains. On remote islands, traditional culture such as lifestyle and local cuisine has been passed down on each island. Yakushima has been selected as a World Natural Heritage Site and is visited by many tourists.

Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Kagoshima's traditional crafts are "Satsuma-Yaki" and "Honba oshima tsumugi".

Satsuma-Yaki is a ceramics made around Kagoshima City. There are two types of Satsuma: the durable “Kuro Satsuma” made from iron-rich soil, and the “Shiro Satsuma” that is characterized by its delicate and elegant construction.

Honba oshima tsumugi is a textile made in the Amami region. It features 100% silk fabric that feels good on the skin. There is also a wide variety of clothing and interior products.

Kagoshima has a warm climate, and agriculture is prosperous and many crops are cultivated.Sweet potatoes and okra are the highest production volume in Japan. Kagoshima black beef and Kagoshima black pork are also local specialties.

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