Japanese Culture - Shodo "Japanese Calligraphy" and the Tools

Japanese Culture - Shodo "Japanese Calligraphy" and the Tools

For Japanese people, calligraphy is familiar and familiar. It is a traditional Japanese culture that can be easily done at home as long as you have the tools.

What is calligraphy
Calligraphy is a highly artistic Japanese traditional art that expresses kana characters and kanji using a brush and ink that have been used as writing instruments in Japan since ancient times. The purpose is to focus one's mind and advance the brush to express one's feelings in a typeface. In order to learn calligraphy, basic movements are very important.
Calligraphy has long been considered one of the lessons in Japan. There is no set manner in calligraphy, Concentration is cultivated by writing slowly one stroke at a time. Improving your concentration will have a positive impact on your daily life, even for adults. Sitting with your back straight improves your posture, and has the added benefit of making beautiful posture a habit.

Tools for Calligraphy
To do calligraphy, you will need a brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. Rather than buying expensive items, prepare tools that you can use without hesitation and that you will love.

There are various types of brushes on the market, but it is important to choose a brush that suits the work you want to write.

Currently, it is common to use India ink when practicing calligraphy. However, when creating a work to be exhibited at a calligraphy exhibition, etc., it is produced from scratch.

Paper has different characteristics depending on how it is made and the material. Even if you write with the same brush and ink, the texture of the work may be completely different if the hair is different.

-Ink stone
The inkstone is used to apply ink and to straighten the tip of the brush. It may be owned for ornamental purposes as a work of art.

Calligraphy behavior
First, put a little water in the hollow of the inkstone and concentrate your mind while rubbing the ink. Once the ink is ready, apply the ink to the brush. Lightly hold the middle part of the brush with your thumb, index and middle fingers and hold it upright when writing. Straighten your back and lightly press the paper with your left hand to write the letters.

In today's world of personal computers, we have fewer opportunities to come into contact with calligraphy. Concentrating on writing can lead to the growth of a mind that reassesses itself, such as by regulating breathing and calming the mind.

Would you like to start calligraphy that anyone can start at any age, regardless of age or gender?

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