Iwate Japan - Rich in nature, Traditional Craft Nambtekki

A city rich in nature where history can be experienced first-hand Iwate Prefecture


Iwate Prefecture is located in the Tohoku region and is the second largest prefecture in Japan after Hokkaido. The population is about 1.2 million and the prefectural capital is Morioka City.

In midwinter, temperatures can drop to around -20℃ in inland and mountainous areas. In summer, cold winds, called yamase, can cause a lack of sunshine.


There are three World Heritage Sites in Iwate Prefecture: the Goshono Ruins from the Jomon period, Hiraizumi from the Heian period and the Hashino Iron Mines from the Edo and Meiji periods. Each site preserves the culture that flourished there during those periods and people can enjoy the history that was built by their predecessors.


Typical specialities of Iwate prefecture;


Nambu Tekki (ironware)

Nambu Tekki has been made in Morioka and Oshu cities since the 17th century.

Your body is automatically supplied with iron when you drink boiled water with it. Also, tea made with it is very mild.


・Wanko soba (noodles)

Wanko soba was born out of a spirit of hospitality, in the hope that people would eat lots of tasty soba. This is a unique way to enjoy soba, where you can eat bite-sized soba one after another.



Mamebu-jiru is mainly served at weddings, funerals and New Year's in homes. The soup is made from dried sardines and kelp and flavored with soy sauce. One of the ingredients is flour dumplings with walnuts.


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