Awasaka - Tableware That Adds Color to the Dining Table.

Awasaka - Tableware That Adds Color to the Dining Table.

Message from Awasaka


If you imagine the tabletop industry of 100 years future,
how could you think?
Actually, I cannot answer exactly,
because the world will change so fast, even right now.

How about dietary life of us?
I cannot answer about this question neither,
but it is fun to imagine.
Eating habits of human will change dynamically, too.

However, I can imagine that people still enjoy to eat with favorite person at favorite time.

I can imagine there is smile and warm favorite cooking on the table,
with heart-warming plates and bowls.

It is supposed to be strong relationship between plates and food.
We want to support people living abundant.

Awasaka's mission

Become a company that is sanpo-yoshi.
Sanpo-yoshi means "good for the seller", "good for the buyer", and "good for the world".
We will not only seek our own profit, but also continue to provide products that will be appreciated by many people.

Action Guidelines

1.Never compromise with the status quo, always be ambitious, and work with the spirit of sampo-yoshi.
2.Always think about what will please our customers.
3.We will continue to create new values.

Our brands


The relaxing and comfortable time, antique atmosphere, and sophisticated design are picturesque just by decorating, and add an elegant accent to the dining table. A simple but sure presence.

.Click here for"ANTICO" Collections list

Table Talk Presents

When the dishes are placed on the table, people gather around them, and enjoyable conversation ensues. We created this product with the hope that it will help to create such a dining experience.

Click here for"Table Talk Presents" Collections list

The modern Japanism

Conveying the spirit of Japan to the present.
We have taken beautiful traditional Japanese patterns and arranged them in a modern way.
Face the beauty of Japan with a new sense. Please enjoy the beauty of Japan in your daily diet.

.Click here for"The Modern Japanism" Collections list

Seifu Japan

The vessel was created with the traditional handcraftsmanship of artisans. The warmth and texture of the handmade products are the ultimate gems that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Click here for"Seifu" Collections list.


We have created easy-to-use vessels for everyday use, mainly made of porcelain clay. Please enjoy the different worlds of hand-painting, transfers, pad printing, and other techniques that are used to match the products.

Click here for"JiNPo" Collections list

Mogu Mogu Lunch

Cute animal motifs are expressed on tableware for everyday use that fits in with modern eating habits.
Please enjoy the combination of functionality and wit at your dining table.

Click here for"Mogu Mogu Lunch" Collections list

Brush Blue

The glaze flows and the colors bleed, making it the only one of its kind in the world.
No two pieces are the same, and the taste of the craftsman's brushwork has become the vessel on which the dishes are served.

 .Click here for"Brush Blue" Collections list


Table Talk CHEF

Bringing food to the table as tableware
Aroma, taste, and appearance of food are enriched. We have created professional and functional vessels as tableware for everyday use that fits in with modern eating habits. Create an extraordinary experience at home. Just like a chef in a restaurant.

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