Imabari Towel - Famous Brand of Japanese Towel

Imabari Towel - Famous Brand of Japanese Towel

Imabari Towel


Imabari Towel is a domestic towel brand that has been produced in Imabari City in the northern part of Shikoku Ehime Prefecture for over 120 years, and is one of the three major towel produ cing areas in Japan. The processes from material selection to weaving and dyeing are consistently performed based on the know-how accumulated by skilled craftsmen over the history, and therefore have established a position that is unrivaled.


Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, which is the production area, is surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea in the north and mountains such as Mt. Ishizuchi in the south. It is an area surrounded by a few metal soft water sources which is from Soja River or flowed out underwater from Mt. Ishizuchi.


By using these high-quality soft water in the process of removing impurities from the cotton thread before weaving, which is called "bleaching", and in the subsequent "dyeing" process, a naturally-derived texture and a pleasant texture  are realized. 


In addition, Imabari towels are guaranteed excellent quality, water absorption and durability by unique quality standards.

Especially with regard to water absorption, high quality is guaranteed by floating a piece of fabric in water and sinking within 5 seconds (settling method), and even a freshly grated towel absorbs sweat and water quickly.


In recent years, as a world towel brand, Imabari Towel has been trying to convey the bonds of heart and connections through towels in order to realize a wonderful towel life for people all over the world.

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