Ibaraki Yokogawa no Shimotaki

Ibaraki Japan - Yuki-tsumugi pongee, Kasama Yaki, Anglerfish

Ibaraki Yokogawa no Shimotaki

Ibaraki Prefecture


A city where you can meet nature in everyday life, Ibaraki


Ibaraki Prefecture, located in the Kanto region, exhibits a wide variety of majestic natural scenery including mountains, seas, lakes and the Kanto Plain in the south. Activities in these natural environments are popular with many people, from small children to adults. It is also said to be an easy prefecture to live in, with a mild climate and little snowfall due to its flat terrain.



Typical specialities of Ibaragi Prefecture;


Yuki-tsumugi pongee

Yuki tsumugi has been produced in the Kinugawa area (Ibaraki and Tochigi prefectures) since the Nara period (710-794). This top quality silk fabric is made from premium yarns spun by hand from cotton, so it ages very well.


Kasama Yaki (ware)

Kasama-yaki is ceramic ware made in the area around Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. It is characterised by the use of a wide variety of decorative techniques, and in modern times many objects used for interior decoration or works of art have been produced.


Ankou (Anglerfish) hotpot

Ankou may look grotesque, but it is a popular fish among women because of its protein flavor, rich collagen, low fat and low calorie content.

Ankou nabe is a stew of ankou and vegetables, with winter being the best season to enjoy the dish when the ankou's liver is at its largest.


Hoshi-imo (Dried sweet potato)

Hoshi-imo is a famous speciality of Ibaraki, and the prefecture boasts a 90%  share of the national market. Highly nutritious, Hoshi-imo is popular with men and women of all ages.


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