GOURLAB - Multi-cooking capsule for easy and authentic cooking

GOURLAB - Multi-cooking capsule for easy and authentic cooking

It is a multi-cooking capsule that makes everyday cooking easier.
Use it to prepare a wide variety of
gourmet dishes quickly and easily
just by putting the ingredients inside the GOURLAB and microwaving it.

◆Three reasons to chose GOURLAB
①Cooks quickly due to its unique pressurizing structure
②The capsule is a bowl, cooking utensil and storage container, reducing the number of things that must be washed
③No need to transfer food to a new container because the capsule can be stored in freezers and refrigerators

The unique structure keeps the pressure high for quick cooking

①Easy cooking: Just put the ingredients inside and microwave it
②Full selection of recipes that are easy for everyone
③Able to cook small portions (for one or two)

Just put the ingredients inside and microwave it

①Capable of quick waterless cooking
②Capable of withstanding heat up to 230 °C (except for the lid), it can be used in a microwave or oven
③Prepare gourmet dishes quickly by first microwaving and then finishing in an oven

GOURLAB traps nutrients inside and preserves the vivid colors of foods

◆About the structure of GOURLAB
Change the position of the lid when cooking and when storing

When cooking

The slightly elevated pressure inside the container is kept constant by venting a proper amount of the steam generated during heating from the air control port, while heating the food at a temperature slightly higher than usual.
【Maximum temperature】
230 °C (can be used in ak5n oven with the lid removed)
150 °C (can be heated in a microwave oven with the lid on)

When storing

You can use GOURLAB as a storage container by putting foods inside and freezing or refrigerating it. You can also reheat the stored food by putting it in a microwave oven as it is. (Use the same way as when cooking)
【Minimum temperature】


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