Gifu Japan - World Heritage Sites Shirakawa-go, Hida Takayama


Enjoy the history and culture of traditional daily life


Gifu Prefecture is one of the few inland prefectures in Japan and is bordered by seven other prefectures. The prefectural capital is Gifu City. The prefecture has a wide altitude range, from the plains at sea level to the mountains that reach over 3000m such as Mt. Ontake, Mt. Norikuradake, and Mt. Okuhotakadake, The climate varies greatly depending on the region. Rice cultivation flourishes in the warmer plains, while vegetable cultivation and livestock breeding thrive in the cooler mountainous areas.


There is also an abundance of historical locations popular amongst tourists such as Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage site, Hida Takayama and Magomejuku, where many buildings from in the Edo period still remain.



Mino Yaki (Ceramic Ware

Produced in the eastern part of the Mino region of Gifu Prefecture, Mino ware has a history of over 1,300 years.

Today, more than 50% of the vessels produced in Japan are Mino ware, and as such are the representative ceramics of Japan.



Hoba-zushi is a dish of vinegared rice wrapped in a magnolia leaf. It is said that hoba-zushi originated as a portable food for farmers because it could be eaten without getting their hands dirty when wrapped in a magnolia leaf. Nowadays, it is usually colorfully decorated with shime saba (pickled mackerel), salmon, and broiled egg.


Hida-gyu (beef)

Hida beef is raised mainly in the Hida region and is one of Japan's most famous beef brands. It is characterized by its fine texture, beautiful marbling, and melt-in-your-mouth flavor.


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