Okumura Kikaku - From Kyoto to the World, and to the Future

Okumura Kikaku - From Kyoto to the World, and to the Future


About Fuuu

The flickering flames, the murmuring river, the twinkling stars. The singing of birds on the treetops, the gentle waves lapping the shore, and the swift wind rushing through the vast fields.


Within every phenomenon of the natural world, there is said to exist an irregular pulsation known as "1/f fluctuation." Unlike the constant and regular rhythmic patterns created by artificial objects, this "1/f fluctuation" possesses a faint, soothing "sway" that humans find comforting.


And this sway is not limited to natural occurrences alone. It can also be found in the craftsmanship of traditional artisanal works. Here, the "1/f fluctuation" indeed exists.


"Fuuu" is pronounced as "fu," evoking the image of wind. The "f" suggests the concept of 1/f fluctuation, while the three "u"s in the name represent Utsuwa (vessels), usability, and universal, expressing a brand that breathes new life into Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki pottery.


When we come into contact with handcrafted vessels, kimonos, and furnishings, we may unconsciously feel a nostalgic sense of comfort and serenity. We believe this is because the "1/f fluctuation" inherent in the objects silently resonates with the "fluctuation" present within ourselves, quietly conversing with one another the moment we hold them.


The warmth of handcrafted works that have been lost amidst the excessive industrialization and efficiency promoted since the Meiji era is where the "1/f fluctuation" stems from. We wish to convey the comfort, gentleness, and fondness unique to vessels crafted by human hands to the younger generation and people from different countries, subtly weaving them into their everyday lives.


Kiyomizu-yaki is often associated with a rather expensive image. However, Fuuu seeks to redefine the traditional values and aims to create vessels that align with modern life, society, and the local community.


We invite you to experience the "fuuu" vessels that breathe new life into the traditional Kiyomizu-yaki pottery.




Fuuu's Vessels

Rice Bowl

This charming rice bowl has a slightly rounded form that you'd want to have as a set for your family. Since it's something you hold and use, choose your favorite bowl. It comes in sizes suitable for adults and children alike.


Rim Plate

A wide-rimmed plate perfect for various dishes. With its rim, you don't need to worry about food spilling, and its stylish design allows it to shine as the main dish or a side piece. It's a versatile and practical item for any occasion.



A handy plate for everyday use. Its simple design makes it suitable as a serving plate or a side dish, offering a wide range of uses. The gentle and smooth curvature resembles the flow of a gentle breeze.



A soft and sleek-shaped bowl that can hold a surprising amount. From stews and soups to salads, it will be a star on your daily dining table! Its ability to keep warm dishes from cooling quickly is also a bonus point.


Bowl (different type)

A bowl that can hold plenty of food as its appearance suggests. Whether it's somen noodles in the summer or oden in the winter, it will surely satisfy even the most voracious eaters, thanks to the square shape at the bottom, making it easy to scoop until the last bite without any hassle. The slightly deeper inner part is a distinctive feature that presents the dish in a neat and stylish manner.


Free Cup

This adorable cup features a plump and charming shape. Its unique form, achieved through a pottery wheel, fits comfortably in your hand, making you want to embrace it with both palms. You can use it in different sizes for couples, or as a gift.


Mug Cup

The eye-catching mug cup with a distinctive handle. The handle's pivot point and width were carefully considered, resulting in a mug you'd want to use every day. Despite its classic shape, the pleasant sway characteristic of pottery wheel work brings a soothing feeling to the user.


Stacking Cup

A fun stacking cup that brings joy when piled together. Whether in the same color or different hues, stacking reveals delightful surprises. Enjoy creating your own unique combinations. The slim lower part of the cup makes it easy for children to hold as well.



About Okumura Kikaku

How many traditional crafts do you have in your daily life and home? In Japan, there is a diverse array of household items that have been nurtured within the country's history and culture.


However, the regions where these crafts have been traditionally made, using specific methods, raw materials, and tools, are now facing challenging circumstances due to changes in modern lifestyles and a decrease in natural resources. If demand diminishes, the number of artisans decreases, leading to a shortage of successors. Once traditional crafts disappear, it becomes difficult to revive them.


In the current era, people, goods, and money flow globally. The world market is boundless in size. Now is the time for Okumura Kikaku to work together with the skilled artisans, infusing Japan's wonderful spirit of harmony into their craftsmanship and spreading it worldwide. Let us expand a happy and valuable way of life to people all around the world!


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