F-style - An Enchanting Treasure Trove of Beautiful Pens

F-style - An Enchanting Treasure Trove of Beautiful Pens

About F-style

F-style is a company that specializes in designing and producing original accessories to showcase the regional resources of Gifu, a land of mountains and clear streams in Japan. We focus on utilizing the traditional craftsmanship and materials of Japan to convey the warmth and charm of handmade products, primarily creating writing instruments and small accessories. Please experience the warmth and aroma of natural wood, as well as the elegant and beautiful Mino washi and Yuzen washi paper, which are handcrafted with the pure waters of the Nagara River.


Their philosophy involves harnessing traditional techniques from the good old days and local materials to propose products that blend "the creator's intentions," "elegant beauty," and "both old and new techniques" for the modern era. They aim to convey the unique "beauty" and "gentleness" that come with handmade craftsmanship, which is the essence of F-style's original writing instruments.


Scented Wood Ballpoint Pens

Wood is a familiar material to us, cherished for its warm texture and comfortable feel by many. Crafting pens from wood offers numerous benefits that come from the process of creating these items. Many people find that touching natural wood and working with their hands and bodies to craft pens can be a great way to relieve stress. In addition to the tactile sensation of wood, its natural colors, distinctive grain patterns, and aroma engage our senses, positively affecting our well-being.

Scientifically, wood has been shown to have various therapeutic effects:

Looking at or touching wood can lower blood pressure, improve heart rate, and induce relaxation.

Touching wood surfaces can lead to the appearance of alpha waves in brain activity, producing a sense of tranquility.

The scent of wood can help calm the mind, lower cortisol (a stress hormone) levels, and reduce fatigue, as indicated by a decrease in blink rate (flicker value).




Musical Instrument-Like Ballpoint Pens

F-style uses processing techniques employed in high-end guitars and violins to apply airbrush and urethane coatings to natural wood, achieving a near-perfect recreation. This product is a must-have for music enthusiasts.


Gem-Like Acrylic Pens

For those who adore flowers, this "Flower Pen" gift brings Japan's four seasons to you. It features charming little flowers enclosed like ice. Keep it nearby, admire it, and use it as your writing instrument. Flower growers have developed a unique cultivation method to preserve the colors of flower petals, and artisans in Hida Takayama have developed "pressed flower sheets." The result is an exclusive method that allows flowers, which naturally wither and turn brown, to maintain their beauty for an extended period. Please pick up one of these colorful "Flower Pens" and enjoy the beauty.


Vibrant Mino Washi Paper Pens

The washi paper, handcrafted with water from the pristine Nagara River, is a traditional technique cherished in Japan since the Nara period. The beautiful Yuzen pattern is a heartwarming part of Japanese culture. The washi paper is coated with resin for a polished finish. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.


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