Ehime Japan - Traditional Crafts "Imabari Towel" and "Tobe Yaki"

Ehime Japan - Traditional Crafts "Imabari Towel" and "Tobe Yaki"

Ehime, a land where industries and traditional crafts have developed in a rich natural environment



Ehime is a prefecture located in the northwestern part of the Shikoku region. The population is about 1.3 million, and the Prefectural capital is Matsuyama City. More than 70% of the prefecture's area is covered with forests, and the prefecture is blessed with a rich natural environment. It is characterized by relatively warm weather throughout the year and many sunny days.


Ehime is called the “Holy Land of Cycling” and is visited by cyclists from all over the world. There are plenty of cycling courses that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced riders, such as the Shimanami Kaido and Hamakaze Kaido along the Seto Inland Sea.



Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Ehime's traditional crafts are "Imabari Towel" and "Tobe Yaki".


Imabari Towel is a towel brand with a history of 120 years. It is rich in good quality water, which is essential for towel making, and is characterized by its soft touch and excellent absorbency. It is a Japanese quality product of "safety, security and high quality".


Tobe Yaki is a ceramic made in Iyo-gun. It has been made since ancient times because of the abundance of high-quality pottery stone that is the raw material. This ceramic is thick and strong, making it perfect for everyday use.


Ehime is warm and suitable for growing fruits, so various kinds are cultivated. In particular, citrus fruits such as mandarin oranges and lemons are local specialties.


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