Chiba Japan - Prospered as a Gateway with Narita Airport


A city where you can enjoy all kinds of leisure activities, both in the countryside and in the city.


Chiba Prefecture is located in the metropolitan area, but also exhibits a great bounty of nature. The prefectural capital is Chiba City.

Surrounded on three sides by the sea, the prefecture has a mild maritime climate with warm winters and cool summers. Even in winter, frost is rare.


Chiba Prefecture is home to Narita Airport, one of the world's major air hubs, and as Japan's gateway to the world, it has established a network of overseas connections.

The prefecture is also home to many large theme parks and shopping malls, as well as a wide range of relaxing tourist attractions such as the ocean, the mountains and many hot springs, offering a wide variety of excursions.


Boshu Uchiwa

Boshu Uchiwa is one of the three most popular Uchiwa in Japan. It is characterised by a handle that uses the round, cylindrical shape of bamboo. Today, Boshu Uchiwa are popular not only for their practical use, but are also used as decorations, gifts and souvenirs.


Futomaki-zushi (Sushi rolls)

Futomaki-zushi is a type of sushi eaten at weddings, funerals and annual events. You can enjoy and savor the gorgeous cross-sectional designs that are revealed when you cut through Futomaki-zushi.



Namero is a local dish of the Boso Peninsula, made by pounding fresh raw fish with miso, condiments and other seasonings. It originated when fishermen cooked freshly caught fish on board their ships, but is now widely consumed at home and in taverns. 


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