BAMBI - Made by Craftsmen in Matsuzaka Leather in Japan

BAMBI - Made by Craftsmen in Matsuzaka Leather in Japan

BAMBI is a company founded in 1930 that designs, manufactures, and sells watch belts, precious metals, and jewelry.
We emphasize the traditional Japanese way of manufacturing (handmade).
We have craftsmen on staff who are able to sew and otherwise process leather products, and to process stainless steel, titanium, and precious metals for metal products, one by one, by hand.

We produce products with a high degree of perfection by utilizing the delicate handcraftsmanship of the good old days in Japan.
Luxcras sells BAMBI brand products, "SATOLI" and "GREDEER" products.

◆Brand Introduction "SATOLI"

We are committed to the ultimate in craftsmanship without compromise.

The persistence and skills of the craftsmen who have supported traditional Japanese culture are disappearing day by day in the current stream of rationalism.
All things flow, but the spirit of "SATOLI" is to reevaluate once again the precious things that are being lost.
With the skills of carefully selected mature craftsmen in Japan and the hands of many people involved in the process of making a product, It is the ultimate gem, with attention to detail that is invisible to the eye.
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One of the main features of "SATOLI" is products using "Matsusaka leather".
The greatest appeal of this leather is the "luster" that is created by the melting of high-quality oil as it ages.
Sticking to all-made-in-Japan, it accompanies the life of its owner, The craftsmanship is incorporated in every detail of these small leather goods for adults.

Each item is carefully crafted one by one by Japanese craftsmen.
After a series of strict checks from the selection of raw hides to the selection of suitable parts for small articles, After a series of strict checks from the selection of raw hides to the selection of suitable parts for the accessories, the product is completed through various processes.

Fu-kin-Gusset provides excellent storage capacity and smooth in/out access.
※Called "Fu-kin" because of its resemblance to the bellows of an accordion (Fu-kin)


Kikuyose, in which the corners are folded into folds like chrysanthemum flowers.
Both "Fu-kin-Gusset" and "Kikuyose" are highly skilled craftsmanship.


The engraving is a simple design that dares not to show.
While giving a luxurious appearance, functionality is pursued for each item so that it is easy for the owner to use.



The product is stamped with a "JP number" that allows for retrieval of production history information.
Cattle data and producer names can be tracked on the Mie Prefecture Matsuzaka Meat Corporation website.


◆Brand Introduction "GREDEER"

"GREDEER" is a top quality brand presented by BAMBI, named after "Great" and "Deer".
BAMBI has been working with leather since its establishment, so we are particular about the materials we offer, and we select high quality leather that will accompany you in your daily life.

The quality of tailoring is carefully crafted down to the smallest detail by hand by mature craftsmen in Japan.
The universal design is timeless and can be worn on any occasion.
We hope you will enjoy the ever-changing look of leather as you go through life.

"Crocodile" with a genuine elegance

This is GREDEER's top-of-the-line line, luxuriously using a single piece of carefully selected crocodile leather and finished with outstanding craftsmanship.
The powerful mark, deep color, and supple texture are truly exceptional.
This is an ultimate product that was made possible by BAMBI's long history of working with leather.

Reptiles are considered difficult to process, but all products are tailored by time-consuming and careful handwork by skilled craftsmen.

A special paulownia wood box is available, as befits a top-of-the-line model.


The JRA (Japan Reptile and Leather Industry Cooperative) tag is proof that the product is a Japanese product, made in Japan from correctly imported leather in accordance with the Washington Convention.

"Advantique Finish", the one and only pleasure to grow

Advantique Finish is a beautiful two-layered color shade.
The unique unevenness created by the craftsman's handwork is unique. No two pieces are alike.
As you use it, the paint on the bottom part will gradually appear and change its appearance.

As it is used for a long time, the color of the lower layer will show its face. It is one of the pleasures of this product that it shows different expressions depending on the person who has it.

The nude leather inside the wallet will also change to an amber color as it is used. Like the advantique finish, it brings out the owner's attachment to the product.

In addition, "GREDEER" is cut, assembled, and sewn in Japan.
The "MADE IN JAPAN" stamp is proof of this attention to detail.

"Cordovan", a transparent diamond of leather

Cordovan is a rare, high quality leather that can only be obtained from the rump of a large, firm horse.
It is highly prized as a "diamond of leather" because of its dense fiber structure, high strength, and the more it is used, the more beautiful and shiny it becomes.
BAMBI has been working with leather for a long time, and this is why it is the ultimate product.

Cordovan is extremely durable due to its dense fibers, and has a smooth hand and beautiful texture.
At GREDEER, each piece of high-quality Cordovan is carefully dyed by a prestigious domestic tannery using the water-dyeing method (aniline dyeing).
The natural look of the leather, with its natural patterns showing through, and its natural luster, further enhances the appeal of cordovan.
Cordovan has become increasingly rare as it has become increasingly difficult to obtain in recent years.

The inside is also accented with Cordovan in the same color as the outer leather for a luxurious feel.
The gently curved pockets are filled with casual attention to detail, even in areas that cannot be seen from the outside.

One of the most important processes for leather products is the finishing of the edge (cross-section).
The beautifully smooth look of this product is the result of the skillful techniques of skilled craftsmen in Japan.

The horseshoe is a popular symbol of good luck in the West.
There are only a few craftsmen in Japan who can make horseshoe-shaped coin purses, and each stitch is sewn by hand, making it a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

"Matsusaka Leather"

In order to make Matsusaka leather more accessible and enjoyable, we have kept the high quality of the material, We have prepared items with a more casual taste that are easy to pick up.
The same Matsusaka leather used for the "SATOLI" brand is used. You can enjoy the change over time.
※The Matsusaka leather items of "GREDEER" are not stamped with an individual identification number (JP number), and do not come with a material certificate.

Up to 11 colors can be selected depending on the item.
You can choose from vivid colors to calm earth colors according to your preference.

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