Arnest - A treasure trove of kitchenware ideas

Arnest - A treasure trove of kitchenware ideas


About Arnest

 Since its establishment in 1981, our company motto has been "Love, Law, and Model." We have been committed to shaping ideas that benefit our customers' lives and striving to deliver products that bring smiles of joy to our customers. With our unique and original ideas characteristic of Arnest, we have developed innovative products ranging from kitchenware and bento goods to water area storage, laundry, and cleaning tools.


Over the years, we have witnessed significant transformations, such as changes in lifestyle due to technological innovations and evolving diverse needs. At Arnest, we have responded to these changes by continually developing new products that suit the times and proposing ways to enrich and bring smiles to people's lives. Above all, our guiding principle has been to prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring improved quality and providing services that offer peace of mind and safety.


About product development

Since our establishment in 1981, we have been continuously creating original products for 37 years. The number of products we have developed has surpassed 1,500. Currently, we are planning over 150 new original products each year.


Product development lies at the core of our company as a manufacturer. We are committed to creating exceptional products that genuinely delight and inspire our customers. To achieve this, we thoroughly gather all kinds of information, pursue functionality, design, quality, and high values, and work with a sense of urgency to bring these wonderful products to life.


Many of our staff members engaged in product development are women, and we actively incorporate their unique perspectives and ideas into the process. Additionally, every month, all employees participate in a "Product Proposal Meeting," where they contribute their individual ideas, resulting in the creation of original products. At our company, every employee is a product developer.


Moving forward, we will continue to wholeheartedly create products that bring joy to our valued customers who use them.


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