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Aomori Japan - Nebura Festival, Glass Craft Tsugaru Vidro

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Aomori, a Land Where You Can Feel the Beauty of Japan's Four Seasons



Aomori is a prefecture located in the northernmost part of Honshu. The population is approximately 1.23 million and the Prefectural capital is Aomori City. Aomori has four distinct seasons and is characterized by beautiful nature. Surrounded by the sea on three sides of the prefecture, the fishery has been thriving since ancient times. In addition, there is a blessed flat land where many agricultural products are cultivated.

The Nebuta Festival, which is held every year from August 2nd to 7th in Aomori City, is one of the representative festivals in Japan. Nebuta are giant lanterns based on scenes from Kabuki performances. On the day of the festival, as many as 20 Nebuta floats are paraded through the city. The giant Nebuta are very impressive and attract more than 2.5 million visitors every year.


Traditional crafts and Local specialties

Traditional crafts in Aomori are "Tsugaru Vidro" and "Tsugaru Nuri".

Tsugaru Vidro is a glass work made by artisans using a "air blowing" technique to breathe into the glass melted by heat using a blowing rod. Since this glasswork is formed without the use of molds, each piece has its own unique texture. It features bright colors and has items such as tableware and flower vases.

Tsugaru Nuri is a lacquer ware that has been passed down since the Edo period (1615-1868) to the present day.

This lacquerware is characterized by its robust and beautiful patterns. There are chopsticks and soup bowls that are familiar to Japanese people.

Aomori's local specialty is apples, which is the largest producer in Japan.

The cool climate of Aomori is ideal for growing apples, and about 50 kinds are cultivated.

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