Akita Yakeyama's hot spring swamp

Akita Japan - Cherry Bark Art, Odate Bending Wappa, Kiritanpo

Akita Yakeyama's hot spring swamp

Akita that has unique culture local specialty


About Akita

Akita is located in the mountains of the Tohoku region of Japan,It has a population of 966,000 people and the prefectural office is located in Akita City.It is warm in summer but it is cold and windy In the coastal area in winter. They have "Kanto Festival"that is the one of the Three Great Festivals of Tohoku in summer and "Yokote Kamakura"and "Namahage" in winter.There are many customs and original traditional culture in this way.


Traditional crafts and specialties in Akita

They have many traditional crafts and specialties that are based on cold temperature.I Am going to show you some of them.


・The cherry bark art

The cherry bark art is a craft that they started to make about 200 years ago in Kakunodate in Akita.They put the cherry back on the craft that is made of woods.It is  beautifully shiny and good for things such as tea canisters or boxes.


・Odate Bending Wappa

Odate Bending Wappa is a box such as a lunch box that they started to make in the Edo Period.They bend a piece of cedar and tie up with the cherry bark to make them.The bright hue of cedar and beautiful grain of wood are attractive.



Kiritanpo is the food that they put in Kiritanpo pot.They knead rice and put them around the stick which is  made of cedar tree and bake them.


Let’s enjoy the unique culture of Akita with these things.


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