Aichi Japan - Famous for Hitsumabushi and Miso Nikomi Udon


A place where history and culture coexist in manufacturing.


Aichi Prefecture is located in the Chubu region between Tokyo and Osaka. Since 1977, the prefecture has boasted the highest value of industrial product shipments in Japan. Many artists, small to medium-sized enterprises, and major global companies manufacture in Aichi Prefecture.


Nagoya Castle, with its golden shachihoko, is the symbol of Aichi Prefecture. The gorgeous Honmaru Goten, whose restoration was completed in 2018, is Nagoya Castle's main attraction. It is also home to some of Japan's most famous shrines and temples, including Atsuta Shrine, which enshrines the Kusanagi Sword, one of the three sacred weapons, and Toyokawa Inari, one of the three most famous Inari shrines in Japan.



A dish in which broiled eel is chopped into small pieces, placed on top of rice in a hitsu(wooden tub) then when ready to be eaten, it is served into a bowl. It is usually eaten as it is at first, then by adding wasabi and other condiments, and  then finally with ochazuke (rice with green tea).


Miso-nikomi Udon

A dish consisting of thick udon noodles in a Hatcho miso-based broth based. It is served at many restaurants in the prefecture, and the seasoning depends on the restaurant. It is a popular gourmet dish that is enjoyed not only in the cold winters, but throughout the whole year.


Nagoya Yuzen

Nagoya Yuzen is a dyed cloth produced in the Nagoya area. It is characterized by using only a limited number of colors in a monochromatic tone with an array of classic motifs, resulting in a subdued beauty.


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