ABOUT RANGESTAR - Microwave and Toaster Oven Safe

ABOUT RANGESTAR - Microwave and Toaster Oven Safe

rangestar concept

Microwave and toaster oven Easy, simple, and tasty food. The thought remains the same. I just don't spend a lot of time on it.

Easier and tastier. Microwave and toaster oven Microwave ovens and toaster ovens make it easy to prepare surprisingly authentic dishes.

Safe and secure because they are made of natural materials.
Traditional Banko-yaki, with its excellent heat resistance and heat storage properties, has been Banko-Yaki was created to meet the needs of modern lifestyles. This is a cooking utensil specialized for microwave ovens and toaster ovens.



Just add the ingredients.

A wide range of cooking is made easy for everyone without using fire.
Just put the cut ingredients and cooking ingredients into the Rangestar and let the microwave and toaster oven do the rest. The microwave oven and toaster oven do the rest.
You can enjoy a wide variety of cooking, such as stewing, steaming, and baking, depending on the mood of the day. You can even cook rice.



The technology and wisdom of traditional crafts to modern lifestyles.

The main body of Banko-yaki is a traditional craft of Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.
The low thermal conductivity allows the food to be heated slowly and gradually to the core, resulting in a delicious fluffy finish.
The cooking process is delicious and fluffy.
The natural material is safe and secure.
It can be used easily every day with little oil adhesion or odor transfer.



Lentil. Can be cooked without water.

The deep, rounded shape promotes heat convection and
The deep, rounded shape encourages heat convection and maximizes airtightness, allowing flavor and steam to escape.
This enables waterless cooking in a microwave oven.
You can enjoy waterless curry and waterless meat and potatoes
You can enjoy the flavor of the ingredients at the touch of a button.


It can be used for cooking, and it can also be used as tableware.

It is possible to cook not only with the main body but also with the lid.
For example, the main unit can be used in a microwave oven and the lid can be used in a toaster oven. The lid can be used as a toaster to cook two dishes at the same time.
Once cooked, the dishes can be served directly to the table.
The design fits both Japanese and Western cuisine and is visually pleasing to the eye. The high heat storage capacity keeps the food freshly prepared.

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