ABOUT R4Yours - Regional , Revitalization, Regeneration , Renovation

ABOUT R4Yours - Regional , Revitalization, Regeneration , Renovation


Our Basics The Four 'R'





We are a company that believes that "the vitality and actual profit of the private sector is what will lead to true local revitalization," and we aim to create jobs for the private sector by the private sector, and to plan and materialize the products and sellers of such jobs.
I myself am not an artist or creator, but rather, I am a person who brings together people of various genres and makes the most of their abilities to create a "local circulation business" that links the following five areas: environmental conservation in forests and mountains, improving local income, collaboration with people who want to contribute more to the community (users of continuous support facilities, housewives, elderly people), development of special products, and creating local industry for the next generation. The purpose of this project is to realize and promote "regional recycling-oriented businesses" that link these five areas, and to think together with you about "what true regional revitalization means.
We sincerely hope that this project will help break through the sense of stagnation in our beloved town, where the birthrate is declining, the population is aging, and the local economy continues to decline, and provide an opportunity for the private sector to take pride and confidence in their work.

The product is made with the cooperation of a chopstick craftsman in Wajima City, a wooden box company in Komatsu City, a dyeing and dyeing company in Tokamachi City, a forestry cooperative in Tsunan Town, a printing company, designers, handmade groups, facilities for the handicapped and elderly, and people from various genres, and is full of thought.
It is important to utilize cedar from the land where you were born and raised as local timber, to make it by local people's hands, and to encourage local people to use it with love and pride.
The benefits that Japan's forests and mountains provide to the human world in terms of living environment and primary industry are worth approximately 67 trillion yen per year in monetary value, so we must think about environmental conservation now.
The benefits to the human world are maintained through the cycle of tree planting, proper harvesting, use, and consumption.
What my business can do is very small, but I would like to walk forward together with my supporters, collaborators, and comrades.


No painting is used to bring out the original flavor of the material.

We want to be "Kakechopsticks" that connect our thoughts and feelings.

This is a gem that was born from the connection among people in this small town rich in nature. You can use it according to your purpose.

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