ABOUT HIORIE - The Brand of Senshu and Imabari Towel

ABOUT HIORIE - The Brand of Senshu and Imabari Towel



For 60 years, we have been making towels in Senshu, Osaka, a historic towel production area.
Hiorie is an original brand of towel manufacturer.

Everyone uses towels.
That is why we want our customers to feel daily happiness from the touch of our towels.

With this wish in mind, we have been making the best use of the traditions and techniques of Senshu to create towels that are a part of Japanese life.
We aim to create towels that are a part of the Japanese lifestyle.



Commitment to Made in JAPAN

All products handled at Hiolie are made in Japan.

Our products include Senshu towels woven at our own factory in Senshu, Osaka, and Imabari towels.
We also offer a wide range of products, such as kits, baby goods, scarves, socks, and more.

We are a factory brand that focuses on Japanese craftsmanship in cooperation with the finest domestic production centers.



About Senshu Towel

In the Senshu towel production area in Osaka, the process called "Go-Zarashi" has been consistently maintained.

The process of "post-zarashi" is to wash off impurities from the threads. The glue on the threads and the oil and impurities that originally adhere to the raw cotton threads are removed, allowing the natural characteristics of cotton to be used to their fullest.

After Senshu towels are woven, they are "washed" with natural water from the Izumi Mountains, resulting in towels that are more absorbent, clean, and soft to the touch than ordinary towels.


Towel sommelier on staff

Towel sommeliers are advisors for towel selection who have solid knowledge to help customers find the towels they really want.

We have more than 10 staff members who have passed the Imabari Towel Sommelier Examination. We will do our best to provide you with the best towels, so please feel free to consult with us.



In the 14 years since the brand was founded, we have received numerous awards from major e-commerce malls.


Physical stores

In 2018, Hiorie's first directly-managed store was opened in Namba, Osaka.
You can directly pick up our popular towels on the web and choose from a wide range of towels.


About Marunaka Corporation

We are a towel manufacturer established in Senshu, Osaka in 1959.
We are engaged in the entire process from product planning to production and sales of our own brand products.

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