hiorie - Japanese Brand of Senshu Towel and Imabari Towel

hiorie - Japanese Brand of Senshu Towel and Imabari Towel


"hiorie" focuses on Senshu towels and Imabari towels woven in our own factory in Senshu, Osaka.
We have a wide range of products such as blankets, baby goods, mufflers, and socks.

Towels are used by everyone.
That's why I want you to feel the daily happiness from the texture.
With such a wish, we make use of the tradition and technology of Senshu, Osaka.
We aim to make towels that are close to Japanese life.

It is a factory brand that cooperates with wonderful production areas in Japan and sticks to making all products in Japan.

【Product introduction】
hotel style towels
Hiorie's flagship towels have a long pile and are fluffy and voluminous so that you can feel the luxury of a hotel at home.
It is very popular because it is more absorbent than a bath towel and is more compact than a bath towel.
bath towel

gauze towel
From gauze towels that are refreshing and quick-drying to fluffy multi-layered gauze recommended for babies.
The simple and gentle softness of gauze that becomes familiar with the skin as you use it.
We also have a lot of cute prints that are perfect for children.
gauze towel

Imabari Towel
Hiorie's original Imabari towels are also available.
Senshu and Imabari have different weaving mechanisms and bleaching methods.
We develop towels that make use of the goodness of each production area, such as Jacquard woven towels and heavy texture unique to the Imabari production area.
imabari towel


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