ABOUT bestpot - Earthen Pot with Heat Storage Cooking

ABOUT bestpot - Earthen Pot with Heat Storage Cooking

Earthen pot with heat storage cooking

After 10 minutes, turn off the heat.
The pot will do the rest of the cooking.

For example, stewing.
The best pot takes 10 minutes to heat. The rest of the cooking time is done by heat storage.
The rest of the cooking is done by heat storage.
The heat storage cooker cooks food by retaining heat throughout the pot.
This reduces the amount of time you need to spend cooking every day.
This also reduces your gas bill and makes cooking more environmentally friendly.
The time to heat depends on the recipe.


A "meal is a feast". A moving experience.

Best Pot's best heat storage cooking is to cook rice.
And it only takes about 10 minutes to cook rice.
Anyone can easily turn rice into a feast.
We deliver an impressive experience.

bestpot rice

Take it off the fire and go out. Three hours later, "Itadakimasu".

The Best Pot has a high heat storage capacity.
You can take the pot off the heat, go shopping, and eat freshly made food as soon as you get home.
and eat freshly prepared food as soon as you get home.
The pot keeps the food hot enough to be eaten fresh when you get home.
Even if you are tired after a long day of cooking, you can eat freshly prepared food without the hassle of cooking.
and eat freshly prepared food.





No gaps No gaps between the parts, so no loss of heat or flavor.

Advanced polishing techniques ensure that there are no gaps.
No gaps are created by the advanced polishing technology, and heat is not lost.
Nutrients are not destroyed, and cooking without water is also possible.

1/1000th of a millimeter between the pot and the lid. Advanced cutting technology.

The joint between the pot and the lid is cut using high-precision technology that guarantees an error of 1/1000th of a millimeter, which is also used in the machining of parts for the aerospace industry, to eliminate the gap between the pot and the lid.

Iron Casting Lid
The weight of the lid keeps the flavor of the ingredients in place.

The weight of the cast-iron lid makes it airtight, allowing steam containing the flavor of the ingredients to circulate, keeping the heat in and allowing for heat storage and waterless cooking. In addition, the uneven surfaces on the underside of the lid, arranged in Fibonacci rows, efficiently return moisture containing flavor components to the pot.




Realization of heat storage cooking New shape

Turn heat down to high for 10 minutes.
The pot is shaped to retain heat easily.
by continuing to heat the food even after the heat is turned off.
heat storage cooking.

The main body is made of Banko-yaki earthenware from Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture Banko-yaki earthenware pots are used for the main body.

The main body is an earthenware pot made of pottery. Unlike iron pots, yakimono is a material with low thermal conductivity and high heat storage performance.

Enables heat storage cooking
Hagama heater and triple heat effect

The design retains heat through the action of three factors: the bottom of the pot to be heated, the shape of the hagama, and the heat that accumulates in the air layer.

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