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isuke SAKASATSUKI YOI Wooden Lacquered Sake Cup Drinking Cup Guinomi

isuke SAKASATSUKI YOI Wooden Lacquered Sake Cup Drinking Cup Guinomi

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SAKASATSUKI YOI Wooden Lacquered Sake Cup Drinking Cup Guinomi

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Item Size:

About 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5cm

Item Weight:

About 60g

Product description:

A cup of lacquer and lacquer painting with the motif of the evening moon over the dusk at dusk in Japan. Rather than looking up he enjoyed looking at the moon reflected in the sake ware. A new cup has been created with such a "upside -down moon reflected in the sake ware". The name is "Sakaakusaki". The image of various moons was dropped into six designs (good/jug/kasa/Arake/miso/Sen) and expressed in lacquer painting and lacquer. The image of various moon is six cups glossy lacquer black and vermilion and gold lacquer is beautiful. Of the six cups of "good" that expresses the moon this product is the "evening moon" over dusk. The bright sky is still expressed in lacquer red and black and the moon is expressed in lacquer painting. The beauty of the combination of lacquer black and vermilion is the charm of this cup. The texture unique to wooden is attractive and the unprecedented original tube shape is impressive. Because it is wooden it is light easy to hold and is gentle. In addition the heat is difficult to convey the heat even if you put hot sake etc. and it is also functional that is easy to hold and cool. Birthday gifts for those who like alcohol and gifts for Father's Day Mother's Day and Respect for the Aged Day. It is a little bigger referring to the size of the tea utensils that Chinese prefer so it is also recommended for souvenirs and gifts for foreigners.



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