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isuke Teacup Dokugakubunyou Cherry Blossoms Wooden Lacquered

isuke Teacup Dokugakubunyou Cherry Blossoms Wooden Lacquered

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isuke Teacup Dokugakubunyou Cherry Blossoms Wood Lacquered

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Wooden (mizume cherry blossoms)

Item Size:

About 7.5 x 7.5 x 8.5cm

Item Weight:

About 90g

Product description:

A wooden lacquer painted teacuped with a popular monster design has been created. Although it is a top pattern that has been used for a long time in lacquerware, the colorful lacquer hue is overlaid to make it a cute design. Topics are originally a good luck because they are said to be "work around" and "money around", but combined with this slightly flashy design, it is a very popular design from young to elderly people. In addition, the monopoly pattern also has irregularities on the wood, so it has the advantage that it is hard to slip on your finger when you hold it. The material is wooden, so it is surprising that it is light. It is also popular among those who say that heavy tableware is difficult to hold. And the trees have a slow way of communicating the heat, so even when you have hot tea, the teacups can be easily held without being very hot, and the tea inside is difficult to cool down. It is also outstanding.



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