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Wooden Chess Set Toys Alder Tactical Board Games Handmade JAPAN KIGOKORO BRAND

Wooden Chess Set Toys Alder Tactical Board Games Handmade JAPAN KIGOKORO BRAND

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Wooden Chess Set

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[About the Product]
Chess is a tactical board game that requires strategy, observation, and imagination to achieve victory over your opponent. This meticulously crafted wooden product showcases the pinnacle of artisanal expertise, with attention to detail evident in every aspect.

[Functionality of the Product]
The pieces, while featuring simple designs, differentiate roles based on size and the combination of wood types. The board is meticulously assembled using alternating Alder and Walnut wood, resulting in a flawlessly finished product without even a millimeter of discrepancy. The accompanying box for the pieces is also designed for easy retrieval.

[Product Features / Advantages]
Handcrafted by artisans, this set has limited availability due to its manual production process. This rarity contributes to its uniqueness, adding an elegant touch to the game of chess. As a luxury item, it can be an impressive gift option, leaving a distinctive impression on the recipient.

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The image shown here is an image only.
The wood has individual differences in grain and may differ from the image shown in the picture.
Please note that there may be some knots in the wood, but they are not defective.
We inspect all products before shipping, but in the unlikely event that the product you receive is defective, we will replace it.


[About KIGOKORO products]
This product is a one-of-a-kind handmade woodworking product produced through joint work between disabled people and support staff from the field of employment support for disabled people, and each product is made with the utmost care.
We are particular about the effective use of resources and use scrap lumber from Japan and overseas as much as possible.
We hope you will continue to use our "KIGOKORO" woodwork for many years to come.



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